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Beautiful, Sensuous, Unknown. . .

Who is this girl?

Video here

Plays at the top and bottom of every hour, (Between shows) on Create TV. After the little red Create TV shopping bag commercial.

Amidst hundreds of internet inquiries, fake answers, and a myriad of marriage proposals, we still do not know who this girl is. And no, despite all the rumors, apparently she is not Meg Ryan’s sister.

I recently sent an email to Create TV to pop the question, whoops, I mean, ask if they know who she is. Here is the email and their reply:


“The Internet is plagued with questions about who is the blonde girl in the create TV commercial who looks like Meg Ryan. Can you tell me who this girl is? Thank you.”


“She is a true mystery - just an actress that hired to star in the promo and her agency never even gave us her name, so we know as much as you.”

Faye Pantazopoulos
Senior Communications Associate, Marketing & PR
American Public Television

Please feel free to shed some light. . . Anyone know this girl?

I wish to thank American Public Television and Create TV for the use of the picture.

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  1. I'm glad to see that I am not the only person captivated by this beautiful young lady!

  2. You were so close. Just ask Create TV the agency's name that sent her, then contact the agency, show them a picture & ask who she is !!

  3. I was on vacation with my friends in Lake County, Michigan in October of 2012 and when this woman first appeared on t.v. in our cabin and I was amazed at her beauty. Very natural and uncommon and she is very easy to look at. I am glad that almost a year later I can still enjoy her commercial on Create t.v. Thank you to whomever you are. She is much more beautiful than Meg Ryan only slightly looks like her.

  4. No need to know her name. Respect her privacy and allow the mystery to enhance her beauty.

  5. good answer she has her own life let all of us respect that

    1. "Who is that hot ad girl?" There is a website named that. You submit video clip and see what the users have to say.

  6. Sensous, hot and sexy are inappropriate words to describe this hauntingly beautiful woman. Those words imply cheap and tawdry. What I see twice an hour on the Create channel, is a refined, classy, mysterious, slightly impish young lady (stemming from the dimple) with a sense of fun, a warm smile, a melodious voice and yes, hauntingly beautiful. I do not need to know her name. She is Emily. Still, the only 5.0 in any of the 5 continents I have lived on, is Marlena Matthais. As beautiful as Emily is, she is a 4.95. On the logarithmic scale, there are very few at such dizzying heights.

  7. Come on! Someone must know who she is and what else she has done.

  8. And now she's gone.

    New commercial.

    So sad.

    1. Maybe the hauntingly beautiful face is not visible, but not her melodious voice. It's distinctive: " Let Rick Steves show you the beauty of 'Yorrup'" or "....... on Create!" By the way the blue bag is nowhere as cute as the red bag. They really went downhill with that ad.

  9. So if you do commericals you get paid cash, no taxes, social security, medicare.....